CubeBuild is or next generation web site construction tool.  Everything is online, no need to outsource complex coding, you can do it all.  You site will be built in hours, not weeks.  And it will already work across desktop and mobile:

  • With its own Blog built in, one system for publishing to your website
  • Style using CSS, in our intuitive visual editor
  • Blocks build up your site, drop them where you want them
  • Edit Live, or make Drafts of you pages, away from customers eyes
  • Hosted in the Cloud

Our Vision

Our vision is your business, online.  We saw multiple solutions and costly integrations.  We saw the opportunity to make things better.

Our customers have increased their throughput and maximized their sales potential, you can too.

Introducing CloudStore

Its your base of operations, both online and in store.  Some features are:

  • Point Of Sale, Shopping Cart and Website; Your Business in the Cloud
  • Single Inventory, no more reconciling multiple systems
  • Mobile Friendly, 50% of web site visits come from mobile devices, we built CloudStore with that in hand
  • Handles Shipping; Freight is calculated for any number of providers, using their calculations, you can ship anywhere
  • Large Complex Orders? BusinessBASE has quoting and ordering from your suppliers to your customers, with incremental invoicing of quotes
  • Serial numbers are tracked, so integrate your warranty process with CloudStore
  • Email CRM, Customer Contacts, Notes and Reminders, are all kept right in your view
  • Generate and Send Invoices, Quotes and Orders Automatically.  No more printing, they are sent via email, and stored for the future as PDF
  • Customer Intelligence includes VIP tracking, newsletter opt-in and loyalty programs
  • Gift Cards and Product Promotions, sell gift codes online, your customers redeem them online as well, or in store
  • Sell to Multiple Channels with Channel Advisor and EBAY integrated sales tracking
  • Real-Time cost accounting, cost of goods sold is calculated "on the fly", leaving your business position in no doubt
  • Selling Overseas, BusinessBASE handles multiple currency too
  • Inventory Management, Stock Search, Stocktake, Ordering, Multiple Warehouses, Anything.  Stock is handled

 We are always looking for opportunities to improve, better integrate and streamline.  Our extensions service is always building new capabilties and integrations for our customers, and all our customers receive the benefit.

Our customers are already using BusinessBASE, and we are ready to make it available to you.

We are proud that, very soon, you will be able to sign up online, and get started yourself.  Come back soon for more information.


POS, Cart, Website;

Instore, Online, Mobile;

One System, Zero Headaches.

Recreate your Business Today!


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